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Great Barrier Reef Scientific Consensus Statement

What was the problem?

A Senate Inquiry was held looking into the 2017 Scientific Consensus Statement (SCS) on water quality on the Great Barrier Reef. Several recommendations were made to enhance the transparency, rigor and robustness of the science of the 2022 SCS report, including for a more systematic evidence based approach to be used. A significant challenge for Evidentiary was to balance the project resources available to authors with a high standard of rigor, robustness and transparency in the approach to the synthesis of evidence.   

What did we do?

Evidentiary was engaged by C2O Consulting to design and deliver, including training of staff and over 70 Reef Scientists, an evidence synthesis approach for delivery of the 2022 Scientific Consensus Statement. A Rapid Review style systematic synthesis of evidence approach was developed based on the worlds best practice. A guide for authors "2022 Scientific Consensus Statement: Methods for the synthesis of evidence" was developed along with a series of on-line training modules for C2O staff and authors (scientists and researchers). The approach involved the input of over 80 policy makers, Reef scientists and researchers over two years (2021-2023). Thirty questions relating to Reef water quality were prioritized from an initial list of over 120 questions and answered using the guidance and structure of the  process developed by Evidentiary.

How was our work used?

The approach developed was used to guide and train over 60 authors (reef researchers and scientists) in developing their synthesis reports that would collectively make the 2022 SCS. The Reef 2050 Water Quality Improvement Plan is underpinned by evidence contained within each iteration of the SCS. This evidence is critical for Great Barrier Reef policy and management decisions to be made.  

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