Past Projects

Bureau of Meteorology

What did we do?

Evidentiary was asked to develop an evidence base and an evidence domain map for an example environmental account on landscape vegetation connectivity. The purpose of the brief was to demonstrate what an environmental account evidence base may look like, and how to go about developing one for environmental accounting purposes. In recognition that an environmental account is only as reliable as the quality of evidence that underpins it, our expertise was sought to show how to find the evidence using a systematic process. Evidentiary also contributed to a technical guide outlining how to create evidence based conceptual models for environmental accounting services.

What was the problem?

The Bureau of Meteorology was tasked with developing approaches to environmental accounting in Australia. As part of this, the Bureau worked on an exemplar SEEA–EEA account (a type of environmental accounting system) to demonstrate how this particular accounting system could be used within Australia. Additionally, the Bureau established the basic processes and frameworks for environmental accounting, including a series of guidelines and workbooks to assist those framing and publishing environmental accounts.

How was our work used?

Our report on the “preliminary findings from an exemplar evidence base for framing an environmental ecosystem account”  can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website here.

We also contributed to the technical note on ‘Methods for evidence-based conceptual modelling in environmental accounting’ which can be found here. These documents play an important role in the Bureau’s foundational work in establishing a capacity for environmental accounting in Australia.  

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